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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Three's A Crowd

I have had the pleasure of working with Healing Spaces a charity that funds new rooms for children with serious medical problems. On my latest adventure we had a wonderful family with multiple medical issues and . I had to come up with a way to keep the peace and function of a room for three. Three girls three sisters three spaces. The youngest daughter was in elementary, the middle high school, and the oldest in college. I care about every child and every family I work with but this family touched my heart in unique way. When i asked them what they loved, wanted, needed i was met with an unexpected design element: Japan. They wanted a Japanese inspired zen room mixed with their other passion: Anime. Here is the result.


Challenge #1: The room housed three twin beds set up in an U shape with the head of one bed butting up against the foot of another, the walls were in bad need of repair and paint. Plus storage.

Challenge#2: They had no privacy. One daughter had vision in only one eye and the lack of lighting in the room made it hard for her to read or study.

Challenge #3: Storage. There was one closet for three girls. This caused the most of the girl's stress

Challenge#4: The older brother was only separated by a white shelving unit wedged into a door frame he took advantage of this fact to terrorize as all brothers do.

First order of business was to define my plan and inspiration: below are my look board images...

This wonderful couple helped me with the calligraphy xoxo

Here are the After shots:

I choose a wall color in a soothing neutral: "Peace and Happiness" a lavender that wasn't too pink or purple... not too boring or girlie. The paint we used was Benjamin Moore's Natura paint: it goes on with no chemical smell and the containers are recyclable.

Each sister got there own closet section and wall mounted bed side lamp. To futher add light we used spot lights above the wardrobe.and a large lamp on top of the dresser.

I attached room dividers to the mask the bed and to create personal spaces for each of the girls. Now they can lay in the bed and have privacy.

A few details: I put a bonsai tree on the dresser, gave the sister a beautiful blue kimono, framed Japanese newspaper and hung over the door. A wall sized calligraphy mural of the character "Love" took up entry wall space. I added a bamboo bench, a fun crochet floor poof, a full collection of anime "plushies", multiple colorful lanterns added to the youthful zen aesthetic.

As far as storage I put in a 6 drawer dresser, a 3 part wardrobe system(which walled out the beloved brother), and wall mounted cabinets for additional storage. All that was left was to add a coat of paint and decor to change the existing closet into a private computer/TV station...viewable from each of the beds . The laptop was given by Healing Spaces.

Healing Spaces is always looking for volunteers to help create spaces for these wonderful families if you are interested please contact Healing Spaces

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